26 novembro 2010

Into shade*

Kiss on the corner of the mouth
While plants grow strong behind the glass
Proximity is what it is
And curves repeat to disarray
The roots could grow right through the glass
But distance also has a ring
Glimpses when we turn away
The elemental can’t hold sway
Moisture in and moisture out
Nestled in down and beads of sweat
Every hour has its day
You shut your eyes to keep me out
But I don’t need
To see
You stand directly in the light
Flush with the door
Then shade
Two scenes that cut together well
Reflecting things they never say
Like stripes that gather at the waist
These streets meet only once a day
These rooms have witnessed brash display
Now they impress themselves in turn
Descending from the highest note
Taking long and easy strides
All the shivers left outside
Astringency has a rich past
Now get out of my sight

* Letra do Arto Lindsay e música do Lucas Santtana