26 novembro 2007

Pesquisa (Search)

Estou fazendo uma pesquisa sobre temas para o blog. Não se trata de um bloqueio criativo, só uma forma de me aproximar mais de quem lê esse blog.

Para deixar sua sugestão deixe um comentário com seu nome junto. Obrigado.

Now i have a good new to you: some posts will have translation to english. That was the way i found to practice my knowlegde about Anglo-Saxon language. Please, don't worry if you found some mistakes. Justo warn me. =D

I am doing a search about themes to this blog. Can be anything.

So i'll have a feedback about the interesting of the readers.

How Do you express? Use the comments. Thanks.

Um comentário:

Grazinha disse...

It's so hard to find a theme... see... I was trying to do this but I just realized that talking about my life and what happens around me is close to everyone. And that's what I'm trying to do ever since...

Anyway... I'll think about something to tell you


see ya